What is Mondays all about?

Mondays Labs exists to create positive change at the intersection of personal wellness and professional performance. As the world’s first managed marketplace and product studio dedicated to Workplace Wellness, we are 100% focused on creating amazing experiences to help you feel great while doing what you love!

Whether it's your new at-home work environment (#WFH) or your cubicle, shared desk, office or classroom -- our mission is to help you have a healthier and happier relationship with work, and to turn your office space into your Happy Place.


A New Community and Movement to Feel Better Work Better 

When The Cure wrote “Friday, I’m in Love”, there probably wasn’t much debate on which day is best. Fridays win. We know that won’t change, and we’re right there with you. But let’s talk about the other days. For example, Mondays.

Mondays have potential – as do all those other days spent at work. Our goal is to take the negativity around weekdays in the office and turn it around. That’s what our brand is all about.

Our Nine-Box logo tells the story of a professional that has embraced the Mondays MindSET – taking a positive approach to their mental and physical health at work, ultimately improving their performance, potential, and most importantly, their lives. We’re not expecting #TGIMondays to trend any time soon (though we promise we’ll keep trying), but we do believe it’s time to take back our Mondays and maybe one day we’ll all say – Mondays, I’m in Love!



So … what exactly is a "Managed Marketplace" and a "Product Studio"?

A typical Consumer Products company spends the vast majority of their time and resources on marketing. A product studio, on the other hand, spends the vast majority of their time and resources on Research & Development (R&D).  That’s us. We both create and curate the world's most effective products that help you Elevate Your Day, and deliver them to you through our Mondays Marketplace.

Mondays Labs has taken a consumer-first approach to everything we do from product innovation to product architecture to product testing. Just like Bill Lumbergh is laser-focused on those TPS Reports, our entire team at Mondays Labs is laser-focused on Happier Mondays ahead.


Ok, I get it. But why Now? Why Do I Need a Healthier Relationship with Work?

10,000 days. That’s how long many of us will spend at work during our lifetimes. How we spend that time – whether in an office, factory, car or home – matters. It matters just as much as the mattresses we sleep on, our morning routines, and the food we eat when we get home at night. Yet, strangely, many of us approach our professional environments like it doesn’t matter. Our office space is dark and stale. It’s been years since our chair, our keyboard, or that forbidden junk drawer has been refreshed. We’re stressed, bored, frustrated and tired. Often, we’re simply unhappy and would rather be doing just about anything else. The entire professional world has a bad case of the Mondays. Here at Mondays Labs, we are working on the cure. 


Welcome to your new Mondays. Welcome to your new Happy Place!

Now that you know about us, we’d love to hear a little about you. We can be reached directly at hello@mondays.com or ping us during your next social media break @MondaysLabs.

Also please check out our blog for our latest tips on staying happy, healthy and productive while working: https://medium.com/@mondayslabs