Redesigning Your Corporate Wellness

Are you ready for a healthier and more productive workplace environment, regardless of where your employees are physically located? Would you like an independent employee-informed analysis of opportunities to supercharge your corporate wellness culture and retention performance?

Mondays Labs provides comprehensive professional Corporate Wellness Consulting services to companies looking to enhance their company health (including both physical health and mental health), workplace productivity and team culture. Our company was borne out of hearing from employees at all levels in all industries suffering from extreme burnout. We've developed a collaborative team-oriented framework to identify organizational causes of burnout as well as recommend evidence-based initiatives to remedy systemic issues.

Our framework includes research-based consulting for:

  • Existing organizational wellbeing
  • Employee-identified stress multipliers and productivity blockers
  • Current Wellness Program efficacy (ROI) and participation
  • Behavior incentive analysis

Our methodology can be customized to fit any organization's needs. We can capably deploy surveying tools, or meet 1-on-1 with individuals at scale to develop more meaningful insights into any cultural wellness gaps. 

Mondays Labs is ready to partner with elite organizations seeking genuine change at the intersection of personal wellness and professional work. Let's talk about strategies to design or redesign your corporate wellness systems and create a winning culture of positive and healthy teammates!

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Mondays Labs LLC is proud to be a: 

Certified Women-Owned Business

Certified Minority-Owned Business

Certified Small Business