Happy Mondays Day + Night Computer Glasses



Give your tired eyes a break with our stylish Blue Light Blocking Glasses, designed and created by Mondays Labs. 

Between our work-from-anywhere lifestyles, our ubiquitous phones and our binge-worthy TV viewing -- our blue light exposure is higher than it's ever been. Research shows that prolonged exposure to blue light produced by artificial devices can have negative effects on sleep quality, mood and day-time productivity. Mondays to the rescue! 

We created Day & Night Blue Light Blocking Glasses to reduce the associated eye fatigue, improve visual performance, enhance sleep quality and prevent eye-strain from digital over-use. Our unique, high-quality and ultra-durable (not to mention really great-looking) Day & Night frames come with clear blue-light filtering lenses, so there is no color distortion to get in the way of you doing your best work. 

With so much of our time spent in front of screens, having all-day protection is key to thriving in a digital universe with your eyes safe and sound. Even better -- you get to look great, while working well.