Your Office-Friendly Gift Guide

Did someone say Secret Santa? As you’re thinking about gifts for friends, family, partners, and colleagues (and hopefully even yourself), here are our favorite evidence-based Office Wellness products to help you, your team, and your loved ones feel better and work better in 2023 and beyond!


FOR THE PERSON Who drinks WAY too much coffee:

WorkWell Essential Oil Desk Sprays

While caffeine is just what you need sometimes, it’s healthy to have other ways to get a boost of energy. These evidence-based desk sprays are designed to enhance your mood, fire up your memory, reduce stress and increase focus. These are the perfect desktop (or kitchen table) companion. Actual testimonial from a full-time WFH professional: “5-10 sprays a day is now the best part of my routine — Game Time in the morning and All Clear before a presentation. Thank you!”

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FOR THE PERSON Whose tired eyes need a break:

Day + Night Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Between our work-from-anywhere lifestyles, ubiquitous phones, and binge-worthy TV viewing — our blue light exposure is higher than it’s ever been. Research shows that prolonged exposure to blue light produced by artificial devices can have negative effects on sleep quality, mood and day-time productivity. These premium unisex glasses are made of high-quality materials and designed to reduce eye fatigue from digital overuse, improve visual performance and enhance your sleep (..and they look pretty stylish too!).

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FOR THE PERSON Who needs some stress relief:

Blots Stress Relief Desk Toy

We’ve tried a lot of stress balls, and Blots are simply the best. These fun and colorful ergonomic silicone shapes are the perfect remedy for when you’re feeling fidgety or just need to get a little extra energy out. They’ll also help you win your office Secret Santa (don’t be the person who gets Hand Sanitizer for the team!).

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Blots Stress Relief Desk Toy

FOR THE PERSON Who always has a stiff neck and back:

Mondays Moves

Our very own illustrated workplace wellness routine provides a simple yet powerful five-minute movement practice designed to relieve stress, increase focus, and ease the aches and pains of daily working life. For everyone who’s ever had a case of the Mondays, or anyone who spends long hours sitting at desks or driving in cars—this book exists to get you moving and elevate your day.

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Mondays Move Illustrated Book

FOR THE PERSON Who is always dehydrated:

Get Refreshed Smart Hydration Bottle

We recently came across this positive-psychology inspired all in one planner, diary and organizer that is like having a career coach by your side. It features career coaching worksheets, planning pages, daily lookbacks, and reflection prompts all designed to help you build self-confidence and plan your career path.This is a must-have to start moving towards quality days (even Mondays!) instead of overscheduled quantity days.

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for the person Who is very hard to shop for:

Happy Mondays Gift Card

Sometimes you just aren’t sure what someone wants. We’re here to help. With our customizable gift cards, you can let your friends, family and colleagues choose for themselves while knowing that your gift is helping them elevate their (work)days. After all, on average we spend 90,000 hours of our lives working. Let’s spend that time wisely!

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Mondays Gift Card

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Wishing you and your loved ones a happy holidays and a wonderful 2023 ahead! ✨